Erin and Ryan's North Carolina Wedding

Erin Wahler's was not the first bride to get her dress from Margaret Ellen Bridal, but she was the first bride to marry. The feeling of knowing that someone is wearing such a special piece of clothing that came from your bridal boutique is one of the best feelings in the world. This dress is something that will be cherished forever. To know that I was part of that makes my heart swell 1,000,000x. So, thank you again for letting me be a part of your process and helping you in such a special way.  Erin and I instantly connected on both being Mississippi girls. She has since made her home along the Emerald Coast as I have, but Mississippi is still in our blood. I am forever thankful that Erin chose to find her dress at Margaret Ellen Bridal. She couldn't have been anymore beautiful. Congrats to Erin and Ryan. Wishing you nothing but happiness in all of your years together! 

Erin and Ryan Landmann married on June 10, 2018 at Hidden River Events in Swannanoa, North Carolina. Erin wore a stunning Blue Willow Bride by Anne Barge gown. 

Erin sat down and answered questions and told her "love story" for our blog. So, CHEERS to our first bride, Erin!


How did you meet your groom?

Ryan and I met through mutual friends.  
Ryan and I have some very good friends at Harbor Lights to thank for introducing us...a few times.  It took Ray, Diane, Stephanie and Enzo about three chance introductions before we actually went on our first date.  After trying to obtain my number, Ryan decided to friend request me on Facebook.  Since I don't 'friend' strangers, he sat in Facebook purgatory for a week or so until I went to the opening night of Star Wars with Enzo and Stephanie where they told me to just go on a date with this handsome and smart man.  How was I supposed to ignore that?  A few messages later, Ryan and I had our first date on Friday, December 30th.  After hours of conversation (or interrogation) we shut down Harbor Docks.  Ryan definitely put me through the ringer with the questions but the conversation was worth a second date.  Two days later on New Year's Day, we decided to do something a bit more active.  The dreary day led us to choose bowling.  I think it caught Ryan and I both off-guard when I won the first game.   I was even more surprised when I won the second game (I kicked some major booty).  He still decided to take me to dinner afterwards despite the loss.  During dinner I realized his beloved Packers were in the division playoffs...that night!  He said some things were more important.  Yep, I was pretty smitten.
This inevitably led to more dates testing our athletic prowess (putt-putt of course) and more chances to slowly get to know one another a week or so every month as Ryan flew down to work.  We've squeezed as much as we can into our two weeks a month and look forward to living in the same house...eventually.  One day maybe he'll even take me fishing on his boat. 

Tell us about your engagement story

Ryan and I had been discussing getting married since Thanksgiving of 2017. We had thought about venues on the panhandle the following fall. After work on February 8th, Ryan asked to check out Eden Gardens State Park. It was a beautiful day for the trip. I was worried about making it before it closed; he assured me we would make it. I was worried about the tuna steak dinner we had planned at home; he said it would keep and proposed a nice dinner on 30A. Since we never get out there for a date night, that did the trick! We walked around the venue and made it to the dock overlooking the bay right around sunset. We were enjoying the view and he said, "if this is where we think we want to get married, I guess there's only one question left to ask." I turned around and he was down on one knee. Yes! We went to dinner at Surfing Deer and decided to text a picture of the two of us to our parents. We didn't say we were engaged but wanted to see who would notice the ring first. His mom responded within 5 minutes. After 30-40 minutes with no response from my mom, I tried to message her. No response. Then I realized my phone was notifying me of several Facebook posts and messages. I open Facebook only to realize my mother had posted the picture to social media. She was too excited and said she was crying the entire time she posted. Ryan and I enjoyed the last few moments of our dinner before answering all of the incoming messages and phone calls. We've since requested all major public announcements be left for Ryan and I to post on social media in the future. We love our family's enthusiasm though!

What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process? 

Everything! Hidden River Events made the process completely stress free. They took care of everything! We were given access to their website and Grace helped us through the selection of all the details. Their flowers are grown on-site and the caterer also owns an amazing restaurant a few miles away. I cannot say enough about how the venue created our perfect day! I showed up with the perfect dress, they took care of the rest!


What is your favorite memory from the wedding day? 

Saying our vows in front of our friends and family. We felt our vows were unique and captured our lives in the present and the wish we have for our future together.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone preparing for their wedding day? 

Do not stress over the details. At the end of the day, your guests will not know what you had envisioned and they'll love everything. 

What made you choose Margaret Ellen Bridal? How did you know your dress was "the one"? 

I was looking for a more personal dress buying experience. I had recently heard of Margaret Ellen Bridal and decided to make an appointment. Maggie truly went out of her way to ensure she could get me the dress of my dreams in such a short timeframe. She took note of my dress desires over the phone and recommended I send her a few dresses from the designers that caught my eye. She got it right on the first dress. Yes, I tried on others but went back to the first one in my mind every time. It was very classic, simple and elegant (my Audrey Hepburn moment). I felt like it reflected me and what I wanted for my wedding day.

Venue/Florist: Hidden River Events

Photographer: Jesse Kitt Photography

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Grace Giles

Caterer: Native Kitchen and Social Pub, Asheville, NC

Hair: Hayley Gregory

Cake: Anne's Custom Catering

Ceremony Musicians/Reception DJ: Erik Mattox

Invitations: Minted

Officiant: Jeanne Sommer

Seamstress: Kathleen Cooper/Southern Simplicity Gulf Coast


It is our FIRST blog, and it is my 5 year anniversary!

Happy blogging! It is my first time to EVER blog. While it has been on my mind since opening the store, I have been sort of afraid to do it. However, I knew that it would be super fun and important to blog about my bride’s wedding days and when they are actually in their dress. I have had one #margaretellenbride tie the knot so far, so it is time to get this blog on the net. I thought what better way to start it than on my own anniversary!?! I figured I could answer the same questions that I am asking my brides to write about and tell my own story. So, my first blog is dedicated to you, Tyler, and to five wonderful years. Our story started on June 22, 2013.

wedding 6.jpg

How did Tyler and I meet?

I knew sort of who Tyler was a few years before we were introduced. Side note: I literally have butterflies and the biggest smile on my face as I type this.  I remember seeing him on a four-wheeler ride. He was SO cute, looked older than me (actually 6 months younger than myself), and I was so confused how I didn’t know who in the world he was. After all, we lived in the Mississippi Delta where everyone knows everyone. But, I didn’t know him.

Fast forward to two years later when we were seniors in high school, we were introduced to each other through his brother and a high school friend of mine. We literally hit it off the first night we met and the rest is history.

Our Proposal…

Our proposal was intimate and not expected. It was Friday, October 19, 2012 and we had been on the road to my sister’s in Hernando, MS for my 22nd birthday. We were going to see the 2012 USA Olympic Gymnastics perform (lover of elite gymnastics right here) that Saturday. Instead of waiting when we were all dressed up and in downtown Memphis, Tyler proposed the Friday night before while we were at my sister’s. He had at some point given my sister my ring to put in my niece, Kennedy’s, jewelry box. She danced into the room to show me all of her new costume rings that were in the box and there my ring was. I was shocked that they made a child’s ring look so real. Kennedy was shocked, too. Tyler got down on one knee, said the sweetest words, and of course I said, “Yes!”. Kennedy was VERY upset that the ring was not hers. Sassy! My nails were chipped and I had on yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt. But you know what? I was surprised and, in the end, it didn’t matter because we were getting MARRIED!


Our Wedding Details:

Our wedding was traditional for the ceremony with a rustic, personal reception. To my surprise now, I really let my mom handle SO much of my wedding planning and coordinating on the actual day. If you know my mom, Barbara, then you know she is hands on and likes to do things herself.  She decorated the week of, made the food for the reception with the help of her friends, and orchestrated it all while being the mother of the bride. Oh, and she cleaned up the next day on her birthday. She is a true super mom! I pretty much gave her pictures from my Pinterest board and let her go to town. Not even kidding! We married in my church, St. Joseph Catholic Church in Greenville, MS. My parents, brother, and sister all married there which is very special. I knew I wanted an outdoor reception. I did not want it where a ton of weddings had been because I wanted it to be different. I chose Belmont Plantation. It is an old antebellum home built in 1857, and it is the last mansion standing along the Mississippi River in the MS Delta. With over 9,000 square feet of space, we were able to stretch the reception into the downstairs rooms and in the large backyard. I am very sentimental, so personal touches were extremely important to me. My brother, Jonathan, who was seven years older than me, passed away in May of 2002. It was important for me that he be with me somehow on that special day. I placed a small photo of Jonathan into a small frame and attached it to my bouquet. This has to be one of my favorite additions on my wedding day, and I would tell anyone that has lost someone to do the same. We enjoyed family and friends during that day, and it was hard to even make our exit that night because I didn’t want the night to end. In fact, our reception director came to find us to tell us we had to go right then because the sparklers were going to burn out before pictures. Ha! This is totally me not ever wanting to leave the party. We drove away that night in an antique blue Chevrolet owned by a family friend and stayed at the Greenville Inn and Suites in downtown Greenville. 

Favorite Memory from Our Wedding Day

My favorite memory from my wedding day is by far the singing of “You Are My All in All” by my fourth-grade class. We had just ended my first year of teaching, and these kids were (still are) my heart. While practicing in our classroom, I would just get so teary. Having them there, so excited, and during the most precious moment of the wedding was so special. I hope that they will always know that. They are going into their 10th grade year, and it is so hard to believe. They will all go and do such great things.

A funny memory: We also still laugh about being so hungry once we got to our hotel after the reception. My mom had sent us back with food, and we didn’t even worry with not having a fork or utensil. Hands deep in the bag eating probably 40 meatballs and just laughing at ourselves.

One Piece of Advice for Someone Preparing to Marry

Take it all in. Be calm. Enjoy.  I was so calm and enjoyed my day so much. I think being stress free is so important. I will also always give the advice to have a videographer. I regret not having one so very much. There is nothing more I want than to tune in and watch our day all over again. Photos were also SO important to me, and I am forever thankful to Faith Barnett with Mississippi Roots Photography and Kyla Holcomb for capturing our memories. 

wedding 13.jpg

Our Honeymoon:

We honeymooned in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We stayed at Sandals Grande Riviera, now known as Sandals Ochi. It was a remarkable vacation and one that I will remember forever. Brides, if you can wait a day to go on your honeymoon I totally suggest that. We chilled on Sunday, opened gifts, made sure our bags had everything in them, and drove to Memphis for a flight the next morning. This gave us a day to rest and relax before going on our honeymoon.

honeymoon 2.jpg

I am not sure that I am quite the blogger, but I am so excited to share all the wedding stories of my brides. If you are a Margaret Ellen bride and want to be featured please fill out the form here. Happy Friday!