Margaret Ellen Bride | Farrin Folk Cupp's Navarre, Florida Wedding

Farrin Folk is a special bride and one that will always be remembered at Margaret Ellen Bridal. Why is Farrin so special? She was our very FIRST bridal appointment and the very FIRST person to find her dress at MEB.

I remember getting her appointment request before we opened our doors and being so giddy and thinking “is this real?” The morning of her appointment was honestly like the first day of college. There were lots of butterflies, but I was ready to get to work and start the job I had dreamed of for so long. The appointment was so great, and I realized in talking with Farrin how much fun this job would be. I got to listen to her stories, learn about her love with Jesse, and become new friends with someone I would've never have met.

Thank you Farrin for your TRUST,SUPPORT, and FRIENDSHIP. You will always be the OG around here.

Farrin and Jessie said, “ I DO” in their backyard that they now call home together. She wore a Nouvelle Amsale gown for the ceremony and reception.

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How did you meet Jessie?

We met very young. Our parent's had a mutual friend who lived next door to them. My mom had brought me over and I actually had met Jessie's brother Chance first. Chance ended up inviting me to his birthday party and that's when I saw Jess. It was a pool party and I saw him across the way with his friends. I had brought my best friend Natasha with me (who was my MOH). We looked at each other and I said "dibs" haha. It took a while until we all got together in the game room, but once we did, we couldn't take our eyes off of each other. We finally started a conversation and by the end of the night, we had a picture with each other out by the pool and I gave him my phone number.

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How did Jessie pop the question?

At the end of June 2018, Jessie finally asked me to marry him ! We went shopping that day, and it was raining on and off. I didn't even realize he had been carrying the ring around all day. He had specific intentions... which I still don't know what they are. He said he still won't tell me that way he can make it up to me for an anniversary or something special. Anyways, we went home to his mom's to start cooking dinner for everyone, and he ran some of our own groceries out to our little room. Later that evening we were getting ready to go to bed, and I hadn't noticed he went ahead of me. I walked out to our little messy room and saw some candles burning through the glass. I walked in and he was down on one knee laughing because I hadn't noticed he put rose petals on the floor in the shape of a heart that I stepped all over haha. I think you can guess what I said ;) "Really?! In our room while it's a mess?! XD .....Yes though !" Bet you wouldn't have guessed that lol. But you could see me saying that if you really know me XD

What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

My favorite part of the wedding planning was deciding on flowers. It was the one thing I personally didn't want to leave out. We didn't go all out flowers galore but it ended up being the perfect amount. We actually dried out my flowers and Jess's boutonniere and put them in a memory box that we now have hanging on our wall :) And our photographer Rebecca. She's a family friend but she lives in Hawaii now. She flew in for us after we just couldn't decide on a photographer here in town. She probably was actually our favorite part of the process because we wanted THE BEST photographer ! Jessie's personal favorite part of planning was tasting the cake, haha.

What is your favorite memory from the wedding day?

Our favorite memory from the wedding day is getting down the aisle, watching Jess bawl his eyes out, haha. And then saying yes to forever!

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What is one piece of advice you would give someone preparing for their wedding day?

Have fun. Stay calm and eat breakfast. Don't get drunk the night before or drink a whole bunch the day of. You don't want to be all puffy and bloated feeling. I don't drink very much so I didn't have that problem but for you girls who like to have a good time ;) And have someone take care of all the behind the scenes stuff you don't want to hear about and panic the day of. I woke up the day of and it was perfect. Sunshine outside and not too cold. I ended up worrying almost the whole day. It was a nightmare. My MOH talked to everyone at the house to see what we needed to do and they said it drizzled a little to just push back to 4:30pm. All the while... It was STORMING outside. My point is.. no one told me so I wouldn't worry haha. Jessie says prepare for a lot of crying lol.

Why did you choose Margaret Ellen Bridal? How did you know your dress was "the one"?

I chose Margaret Ellen Bridal because I was on the hunt for a Hailey Paige dress. I had found some other places in Mobile that carried the designer as well but something drew me to Maggie's boutique. Maggie carried that designer but when I found her.. She wasn't even open yet. Maggie made an exception for us because half of my bridesmaids were from out of town. She unfortunately didn't have all of her designers in when we came but we wanted to look anyways with the hope of finding a blush pink dress. I had already been to 5 other stores by the time I found MEB. I was so excited ! We all were. I tried on dresses and I finally got to one that WASN'T EVEN PINK LOL ! I liked it but it felt just a little more on the simple side. She added a belt and BAM ! My dad cried, almost making me cry haha. I loved the way I felt in it. I felt even better in it on my wedding day. Just looking at it, it was perfect in every way for me.

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The new Mr. and Mrs. Cupp will honeymoon in Europe next year.

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Daly Photography

Venue(s): Jessie and Farrin Cupp’s Home

Florist: Flowers by GiGi

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Donna Hendrix; It's Personal Wedding Staging & Design LLC

Caterer: Culinary Productions

Hair/Makeup Artist: Ponyota Whistler

Cake: Bread of Life Bakery

Reception Band/DJ: Good Vibrations

Invitations: Etsy

Officiant: Thomas Gillespie

Wedding Dress: Nouvelle Amsale | Margaret Ellen Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses Designer and Store Where Purchased: Vera Wang | David's Bridal

Tuxedos: Randall's

Seamstress: Kathleen Cooper - Southern Simplicity